The Monty Hall Employment Problem

Photo by moren hsu on Unsplash

For my entire career I’ve been an employee.

However, there have been times I’ve chased the entrepreneurial itch. I’ve never full made the jump into entrepreneurship, but I know why I’m chasing it.

I’ve felt the insecurity of having a full-time job.

  • An employer that went out of business.

It’s enough to make you lose sleep.

It can feel like the Monty Hall Problem, a game of probability and uncertainty.

You think you know what’s going on , but what’s really behind door number two is only known to those who make the game.

You look at other entrepreneurs. You see them building in public on Twitter. Posting their monthly earnings after experimenting with different ideas.

While you hesitantly reach for door number 3, confidently unsure.

You check your slack 1,000 times a day. You go to meetings that could have been an email. You tell your neighbors how great the snacks are and what neat offsite you attended. Everything is great. Cool, actually.

But what is it for? Who’s legacy are you building?

Not everyone can be an entrepreneur, nor is it for everyone. But you can make something great. You can lean into your capabilities and offer it to the world.

The world is waiting.

I’m simply saying that employee or entrepreneur, both are risky. One you control what’s behind the doors the other you don’t.

Who do you want to be?

I choose to be both, because you never know what’s behind door number 2.

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