Jim Edward’s 5-Step Framework For Quickly Finding And Writing Personal Stories That Sell

What I learned from a $25,000 mastermind

Justin Zack


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This weekend I devoured Jim Edwards new book Story Selling.

It’s easily worth 1,000x times the $4.99 Amazon Kindle price.

If you don’t know who Jim Edwards is, he is one of the Godfather’s of modern internet marketing. Jim and Russel Brunson built Funnel Scripts, a template library that helps you quickly generate copy for all kinds of industries. He’s written two best-selling books on copywriting, and he teaches one of the most effective methods for writing sales copy that converts: Hook-Story-Offer.

Inside his new book, he included a bonus link to a presentation he did for a $25,000 mastermind on the secret to quickly identifying the best stories you can tell to make a lot more money (and the 2 hook templates he uses to make them work). Full transparency, the book isn’t that great, but the video is amazing.

This post is a breakdown of what I learned.

Jim says…

Most people struggle with telling stories because they can’t find a story to tell.

And the reason it’s hard to find a story is because you most people the mistake of trying to pull a story out of their past and start it from the beginning.

When you think “I need to find a story,” your mind goes blank.

For example:

  • I was born in December.
  • I got in the car, headed for Texas.
  • I picked up the dog from the groomer.

Who knows where those stories will end up?! Or what they actually mean!

And when you analyze your life for stories this way it paralyzes your brain.

Here’s the thing:

Jim says, we don’t really think in stories.

We think in terms of emotional points in time.

  • I got dumped
  • I won the deal
  • I crushed the 10K



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