I’m not for you, but I respect you

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

“Your experience is not a match.”

“Someone else has a better background.”

“We are moving forward with another candidate.”

I get these emails every day now.

They are great!

Every no is a pathway to a yes. Each rejection is an opportunity to learn.

I have to be careful though. Rejection can also be a fast pass to depression.

The no’s come faster than the yes’s. I research a company. I think about how I can add value. I apply. Two hours later…no thanks.

I know I’m not a match for everyone. I know companies have to filter people out to find the best match. I know I could focus on perfecting my resume to get past the elusive keyword bots.

This is why I like smaller companies.

Smaller companies are relational. They know that business is built on relationships and that success is not just predicated on a good product and sales. A piece of paper is just a sliver of who is being presented before them.

Small companies are curious. They look through the bullets on a resume and take time to “map the potato”.

That’s what keeps me going when I hear a no. It just means that I wasn’t for that company. It doesn’t mean that the company isn’t relational, it just means that time is precious. The process of filtering has taken priority over curiosity. Certainly there are curious recruiters who take the time to explore beyond the bots.

This means I have to understand the game of lotto being played. You win some and you lose some.

So, when you decide to reject me because I’m missing the key word of “time zones” in my resume. I won’t take it personally. It’s not a knock on me. I’m just not for you.

And for the companies who rely on the resume bots every day, I respect you. Finding people is hard.

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