How to Release an Untapped Innovation Funnel in Your Business

Remove the fear of sharing in public from your employees

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I played it safe or just didn’t play.

Now that I have stepped away from the corporate environment for a minute, I have slowly dipped my toe in the water. I talk about what I am working on and what is important to me. I share ideas as I have them. I welcome the feedback and the new connections.

Beat fear with practice

Anxiety still whispers in my ear. Telling me not to be open or risk public shaming and adverse consequences. It’s a battle I’m fighting.

Welcome y’all! Watcha got cookin’?

Open your front door and invite people into your kitchen. Allow them to experience the mess making and hard conversations. The lessons others can learn from your mistakes, and successes, makes our community and other businesses better.

Write about keeping work human and turning points. Building

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