How to Create a Pattern of Alignment

What pace are you setting for your team?

Photo by Bia Andrade on Unsplash

Create a sequence of flow

Cadence is what you usually consider when talking about rhythm. It’s the rhythmic sequence of flow and activity. It’s the recurring patterns and routines that your organization takes part in.

Plant a flag in the direction you intend to go

This is your strategic intent. What are you planning to go after as a business? It’s an aspect of cadence but one that needs its only place in the hierarchy of rhythms.

Plan and plan again

It goes without saying, but if you fail to plan, then you can plan to fail. Similar to the directional cadence, you need a planning cadence.

Let them see it

The fourth habit of rhythm is visibility. This is about communication. What your team doesn’t know they can’t prepare for. Just like those vacation days, if you make things visible you can expect your team to align around it.

In Summary

All organizations have a cadence. Your team will follow it to the extent that they know it and agree with it. If the rhythm is unknown then they will look elsewhere and find a rhythm.

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