• Arkadiy Birger

    Arkadiy Birger

  • Brenton House πŸš€

    Brenton House πŸš€

    Vice President, Digital Evangelism at Software AG β€” Digital Strategist - @brentonhouse

  • David Bourne

    David Bourne

    Helping nature-based companies connect with the customers they want. Stories - Video - Mobile. Nature and tech connect at http://t.co/1VxUDYRbDF



    All the views expressed here are my own views and does not represent views of my firm that I work for. Data | Big Data | Cloud | ML

  • Daniel Gruesso

    Daniel Gruesso

    Husband, father, product guy. The obstacle is the path.

  • Blake Bassett

    Blake Bassett

    Director of Product at Tubi. Interested in product development, leadership, strategy, and entrepreneurship in tech.

  • Nicole Veen

    Nicole Veen

  • Thea Williams Scalco

    Thea Williams Scalco

    Ba. in Metaphysical Science, Hypnotherapist, Integrated Energy Therapy Instructor, Nutritional Coach, Author and Wild Heart

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