An Unconventional Guide to a Meaningful Work Experience

Is it possible to accomplish work without humans?

Even artificial intelligence requires the hands of a human to make work happen. Keep work human is an awkward thing to say if you think too hard about it.

It begs the questions:

  • What is work without humans?
  • What about work is…

I’ve never been great at making connections with other people until I learned the questions to ask.

They don’t seem like much on the surface, but when used correctly they can turn any boring conversation into an engaging and deep one.

Having a conversation with a stranger wherever you are…

I’ve helped build teams of all shapes and sizes.

From 3 neighborhood friends planning a retreat to the 30+ strong team launching an emerging technology. At both ends of that spectrum it was difficult to know where to start, what to prioritize and who to talk with.

There are few…

Steal this creative offer technique from Amazon the next time you are thinking about new products for your audience.

I received a book recommendation from Amazon. It caught my attention. Not because of what it was, but because of what it wasn’t.

It wasn’t for me.

Upon closer look I understood why they recommended it to me.

This insight led me to hold onto the email. The email contained…

And understanding my vaccine hesitancy

As vaccines started to roll out and the epic conversation and conspiracy theories evolved, I found it hard to understand my feelings about the virus and the vaccines.

I could feel the media playing on my emotions and loathed seeing the drama unfold along political lines.

I just wanted facts…

Six actions course creators can employe to make a team out of students

Online courses afford a great opportunity to work with and find liked minded people that you enjoy working with.

That’s the hope.

But for course creators, building a community from scratch is no easy task.

If you are just starting out getting the right mix of early adopters and behaviors…

An actionable summary of The Naming Book, 5 Steps to Creating Brand and Product Names that Sell

Naming products is hard.

Most people name products on personal preference.

To be more objective, set some criteria first.

This will help you set a name based on strategy instead of arbitrary preference.

Six Criteria to Help You Name Your Product

Use a Memorable Pattern

Increase your product name memorability quotient by following one or more of these patterns:

  • Rhyme -Slim Jim

The pattern of great online courses and how Justin Mikolay’s 10x Creator Course delivered

I just wrapped up the 10x Creator Course — Turn Your Big Ideas into a Flagship Digital Product by @jmikolay and @james_d_baird

The course followed the pattern of great online courses and delivered on its promise.

The pattern of great online courses

Here are the patterns I’ve come to appreciate in any course I take

Help your users get what they want, not what you want

I first read the book “Badass Making Users Awesome” by Kathy Sierra in 2018. Considerably late to the game given the book was released in 2015, but it’s still a book I return to every so often as a reminder of a core principle in product development.

Bestsellers are driven by word of mouth

The author suggests…

A love hate relationship with selling your stuff

It’s a garage sale day and I hate it.

My spouse loves it.

It’s a day that brings childlike excitement to her eyes.

The date was set a week in advance and the preparation has been fast and furious. Full closet sweeps and diligent preparation. …

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