73 article tips and story templates to help you unstick your writing

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As a new writer, it is daunting to face the blank page.

You have an idea. You know what you want to say, but structuring your article so your thoughts come across coherently is tough.

You bury the lead. You start with too much detail. You never really get to the point of your story. These are all common mistakes and hurdles that new writers face.

I’m still struggling with this, which is why I put together this ultimate list of story and article writing templates. I leverage these templates when I’m in need of some inspiration or a kickstart to my writing process. They are the scaffolding I use to help me build my writing.

Each template in the list is a resource I found from countless hours of googling and trimming out the golden nuggets of usefulness. Not all templates have their original attribution tied to them, but with a little savvy googling you can find the source.

I start my writing process on Medium with “Write a Story”. I typically come to this action once I have an idea or a topic in mind.

Upon clicking to start writing I’m immediately challenged by the taunts and jeers of the blinking cursor, but I attack first and get my thoughts out quickly.

This works for a minute until I realize that what I have written has no structure. It is here that I go to the well of the internet to begin looking for ideas. I noticed this pattern of behavior and found that each particular search came with it’s own unique angle, so I decided to just capture them in a document as I came across them.

These templates have helped me structure my writing and given me a shot of confidence on my writing journey.

If you find yourself staring at your writing or re-reading what you just wrote 11 times in a row before writing another sentence, you might need a little framework juice to get you rolling again.

Frameworks and templates enforce a sense of structure and safety. They give you guardrails for operating. The safety a framework provides bring your thinking to another level of creativity because you know you are working from a place of proof.

Taunts and jeers never go away. It’s just part of writing. We get them because it’s scary to put words on paper.

When your ideas get presented to the world, suddenly you are in a position of vulnerability. Your thinking is exposed and you want to sound coherent.

The next time you feel stuck or are in need of shaping a story that you want to tell, reference this template and you will be on your way. You will be better prepared for them if you have a foundation to work from.

I hope you enjoy this list and find something useful for your writing journey.

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