5 Reminders Every Project Leader Should Staple On Their Desk To Meet A Looming Deadline

  1. Plan ahead. Make a plan and stick to it. Keep a clear and updated project backlog, break down tasks into simple steps, and assign ownership.
  2. Track progress closely. Regular progress tracking and reporting is critical for success, identify obstacles, and keep stakeholders informed. Use a basic project management tool like Excel and hold regular check-ins.
  3. Communicate clearly and often. Communicate project status, risks, and concerns in a straightforward and honest way to all stakeholders. Use simple language and plain charts.
  4. Watch out for risks. Assess and monitor project risks, make changes as needed to stay on track. Anticipate problems, allocate resources, and keep stakeholders informed.
  5. Teamwork makes the dream work. Encourage collaboration and open communication, make sure everyone has the information they need to succeed. Hold regular team meetings, foster cross-functional collaboration, and promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


Project leader. Product thinker. Write about human things. Find me at justinzack.com

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