3 Telltale Signs That Instantly Identify A Boss With Remarkable Leadership Skills

Good bosses are rare.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked for good ones (and bad ones). Both have their place in teaching you how to be a better leader and employee.

Here are 3 signs I’ve observed about the best bosses I’ve had:

  1. They prioritize people over company. A company is nothing without people. A great boss knows this and invests the humans that they work with every single day. Family issue? What can I take off your plate? Worried about the market? Let me clear my calendar and let’s talk. Feeling stuck? Let’s break things down.
  2. They are a conveyor belt of organizational knowledge. Technology companies are a web of complex language, moving parts, and evolving information. A great boss will feed their team a constant stream of information as they receive it (even when it hasn’t been sanctioned by the corporate machine — see sign #1).
  3. They are masters of instruction. 90% of mistakes made in the corporate arena are the result of poor communication. A great boss knows how to break work down and communicate the essentials to their team. This includes the reason for doing the work and what getting better looks like.



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