10 Skills I Want To Develop In 2023

  1. Writing Headlines. If you want to get clear on what you are trying to say and get your point across in 2 seconds or less, learn to write a headline.
  2. Telling Personal Stories. I’m fascinated by storytellers. The way they weave ordinary details into meaningful moments which tug at the heart strings is something I want to learn both for myself, and my future generations.
  3. Writing “Fast” Paragraphs. Attention is fleeting. As a project manager, 90% of my day is spent communicating on slack. Like headlines, I want to learn to drive attention to where it needs to be.
  4. Making Assertions. I’ve spent my life living in the grey. Like a chameleon, I can fade into the background of any environment. This is valuable and has its place, but I don’t want to live my life as an “everyone.” Asserting my opinion will attract debate and deeper conversation.
  5. Asking Thoughtful Questions. If I’m going to be opinionated, I need to be willing to listen to opinions too. The best way I see is by seeking to understand and ask better questions.
  6. Teaching Like Feynman. If I can explain what I do to my kids, then I understand it. If I can’t, then I’ve got work to do.
  7. Pull-ups, Planks & Pushups. These are 3 separate skills, but they are all related to building strength. I want to be strong!
  8. Low and Slow BBQ. 2 years ago, I receive a Big Green Egg as a gift. I’ve learned to love the patience required to cook good food. I also love feeding people.
  9. Drawing Cartoon Faces. I’m a remote worker. If you have ever been on a zoom call with me, chances are I’ve drawn you on a post-it note (not very well). Sketching while listening on calls helps me focus and I want to get better at drawing.
  10. Crafting Offers. Everything is negotiation and negotiation starts with an offer. Whether it’s an offer for employment, or an offer to sell a writing service. I want to get better at understanding how to present my value in service of others.



Project leader. Product thinker. Write about human things. Find me at justinzack.com

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