An Unconventional Guide to a Meaningful Work Experience

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  • What is work without humans?
  • What about work is not human?
  • When did work start becoming inhuman? Why?
  • What does it mean to have a human work experience?
  • How does an inhuman work experience change our relationship to work?

Steal this creative offer technique from Amazon the next time you are thinking about new products for your audience.

Email Offer Screenshot by Justin Zack

It wasn’t for me.

Here are the 5 parts to the pattern.

Categorize Interest

And understanding my vaccine hesitancy

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Six actions course creators can employe to make a team out of students

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Stack the deck with diehard fans.

An actionable summary of The Naming Book, 5 Steps to Creating Brand and Product Names that Sell

Six Criteria to Help You Name Your Product

Use a Memorable Pattern

  • Rhyme -Slim Jim
  • Unusual spelling -Reddit
  • Onomatopoeia -Zipcar
  • Initial hard consonant — t, k, p, d, g, v
  • Pun — Nin Com Soup
  • Figurative language — Like a Rock

Select a Tone that Fits You

The pattern of great online courses and how Justin Mikolay’s 10x Creator Course delivered

10xCC Inaugural Cohort

The pattern of great online courses

Help your users get what they want, not what you want

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Bestsellers are driven by word of mouth

  • What can they now do vs they…

A love hate relationship with selling your stuff

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Mistake #1

I chose to take the side of my leadership instead of for my report.

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