An Unconventional Guide to a Meaningful Work Experience

Is it possible to accomplish work without humans?

Even artificial intelligence requires the hands of a human to make work happen. Keep work human is an awkward thing to say if you think too hard about it.

It begs the questions:

  • What is work without humans?
  • What about work is…

Don’t let these roadblocks stop you

And how to defeat them

Product planning can be a daunting and confusing challenge for some.

Failure to plan is a surefire way of ensuring failure with any strategy.

There are 3 common product planning barriers that are keeping your growing business from success. By overcoming these barriers you can transform your product planning processes.

Barrier # 1 — Product planning is ignored and not respected

Justin Zack

Project leader. Product thinker. Write about human things. Find me at

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